Lenz is Japan’s most sophisticated social listening platform and combines broad coverage for monitoring and a comprehensive toolkit for in-depth analysis.

Lenz provides marketing, communication and consumer insights professionals with an effective tool to utilize social listening for broader research and business objectives including :

  • BRAND TRACKING – track and measure activity and sentiment on a brand or company
  • PRODUCT TRACKING – track and measure activity and sentiment on a product or category
  • COMMUNICATION TRACKING – track impact of campaigns, press releases and marketing activities
  • INSIGHT GENERATION – mine social media activity for consumer insights on a brand, product or category
  • TREND DISCOVERY & TRACKING – search consumers’ online exchanges to uncover hidden needs and wants
  • COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE – track and measure activity and sentiment on competitors
  • MARKET INTELLIGENCE –  collect information and insights on a particular market or industry
  • SEGMENTATION – classify social media users and identify key influencers

  • CRISIS MANAGEMENT – monitor online activity to effectively manage communication in times of crisis
  • AD / PR / COMMUNICATION TRACKING – track campaigns, press releases and other company communication

Lenz is used by some of Japan and the world’s leading brands across categories including automotive, consumer goods and B2B.


Lenz searches the Japanese social web based on a unique software that has been custom-developed for the Japanese language and processes and displays results through a sophisticated online toolkit and data management dashboard.

As a result, Lenz provides unrivaled coverage of Japanese Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and News sites and outstanding analytical functionality.

Our unique capabilities include:

  • WIDE COVERAGE – all major Japanese Blog platforms, Twitter, Facebook and News sites
  • CUSTOMIZED SET-UP – project-specific set up of search terms and filters to ensure optimal data quality
  • CONTENT ANALYSIS – unlimited keyword-based labeling for unrivaled  drill-down capabilities
  • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS – automated and manual sentiment analysis
  • INFLUENCER IDENTIFICATION – multiple metrics for determining the users that shape social media activity
  • LINKED CONTENT – metrics to identify the information sources that drive social media activity
  • DYNAMIC VISUALIZATION – metrics are displayed in high-impact charts
  • REPORTING – from instantly downloadable snapshots to customized reporting and analysis
  • FULL ARCHIVE - full data archive to keep track of long-term trends

Social Media

Why Social Media Matters

Social media is a new type of media that enables an ongoing conversation among consumers by allowing them to engage and freely share and discuss information on a multitude of platforms and with unseen speed.

As a result, social media creates influence and scale beyond traditional media. For companies and brands, this trend has created risks but also tremendous opportunities.

Lenz provides companies and brands access to consumers’ conversations and interactions on social media, and provides sophisticated tools for tracking and analysis that allow our clients to:

  • LISTEN – understand consumer sentiment on a particular brand, company or category
  • MEASURE  – measure activity, attitudes, conversations and behaviors
  • INNOVATE – mine social media for consumer insights
  • OPTIMIZE – increase efficiency of advertising campaigns, PR and other communications
  • IMPROVE  – improve customer relations and brand experience


Mike Sheetal, Founder & CEO: (also CEO & Creative Director at UltraSuperNew). 15+ years experience in digital as an entrepreneur, as well as design and technology professional. Participant at the eG8 Forum in Paris in 2011, panel speaker at Adtech Tokyo 2010, guest technology writer for Japan Times, contributor on The Next Web blog, sponsor/coordinator of Tokyo 2.0 from 2007-2009.

Marc Wesseling, Founder & Director: (also Director at UltraSuperNew, ex: TNT, KesselsKramer, founder CardSmith). 13+ years experience as entrepreneur, internet and advertising professional.

Malo Yamakado, CTO: Masters degree in Mathematics and Master degree in Computer Sciences from the Pierre & Marie Curie University in Paris.

Tomohiro Camiya, Senior Analyst: Background in IT and brand communications. Heads up Press Army’s analyst and data specialist team, plus responsible for client training.

Scott Neville, CMO IPONWEB: (ex: Sozon, ValueCommerce, Spike) 15 years experience working as an executive and consultant in Internet Marketing and eCommerce.



Company Overview

Company Name: Lenz K.K.

Address:  HI Sun Road Building #201, 3-27-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

CEO: Michael Sheetal

Founded: 2009

Join the Team

Lenz offers the opportunity to shape the future of social media monitoring, analysis and consulting for some of the world’s leading brands in an exciting and creative work environment. Please send resumes to jobs@pressarmy.com.


Lenz is based in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, Japan’s center of fashion and social trends.

Lenz K.K.

HI Sun Road Building #201
3-27-15 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0001

Closest stations: Meiji-jingumae (Fukutoshin/Chiyoda Lines) or Harajuku (Yamanote Line)

For enquiries, please use the form on the right or call us on:

Tel : +81 (0)3 6434 0898


contact us at contact@lenz.jp

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